'Sing me a story' to educate children in values

'Sing me a story' to educate children in values

Stories, as well as songs, are good tools to educate children on values. There is nothing better for a child than to learn and understand different ideas and habits in a simple, clear and fun way.

This is the purpose of ‘Sing me a story', A project that transmits pedagogical values ​​with curious rhymes and attractive rhythms, and very catchy for families.

‘Sing me a story’ began to take its first steps hand in hand with Natalia Spialter, based on his reflection on the need to create easily interpretable tools to transmit knowledge and values ​​to his daughters, now seven and five years old, and who will help them grow as independent, brave, supportive and happy people. As she composes the lyrics to the songs Filip Tee, friend and musician, accompanies her on guitar.

Music is known to bring many benefits to children, since they are in their mother's womb. Music awakens the fantasy and imagination of children, as well as preparing them to interact with others.

Through the songs that she composes in “Cántame un cue”, which have close and funny lyrics, Natalia Spialter hopes to rescue values ​​that were forgotten, promote emotional development, as well as values ​​such as friendship, respect and tolerance.

‘Sing me a story’ has two phases. The first are CDs with fun music to educate children on values. The second consists of partially signed videos in Spanish and subtitled with pictograms, so that the children can gradually introduce themselves and get used to non-verbal communication, thus eliminating barriers that may exist between different groups. The third phase includes stories and interactive workshops on environmental education and awareness that are held in municipal libraries and private spaces.

Through different and original stories, stories and very understandable songs, children can learn and acquire good habits in terms of values, family, hygiene, food, coexistence and behavior. If you want to know videos of this project or acquire some of the CDs of the songs, you can access the channel ‘Sing me a story’ on Youtube, by clicking on the image below:

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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