Santa Aroa Day, July 5. Names for girls

Santa Aroa Day, July 5. Names for girls

Aroa is a name for a girl of Basque origin that means "time" or "right time", although it should be noted that the etymology of this name has different theories ranging from Basque to Maori.

The name Aroa has gained so much popularity in recent decades that today it is one of the frequent names, preferred by parents and girls for its simplicity and originality. He celebrates his name day on July 5, which is the day of Santa Aroa.

From the meaning of her name, Aroa has a charismatic personality full of wit and vitality. Aroa triumphs in social relationships thanks to her sympathy and the sweetness she gives off, being a seductive cream. In addition, her generous nature and sensitivity make her the ideal person to help others.

It may help you to choose your baby's name to know that the name Aroa has an origin and an uncertain meaning. Scholars do not agree on whether it is a Basque or Germanic name, which would have the meaning of "kind." On the other hand, there are those who point to a Maori origin for your daughter's name, which would mean "love".

In any case, the name Aroa can be perfect for your girl due to its great popularity. We found the name Aroa in the toponymy of the Araucanian Indians in a locality in Venezuela and also in a river, named Aroa. This data suggests that we could add an origin and meaning different from the previous ones.

As we can see, if there is no agreement regarding the meaning of your daughter's name, there is agreement regarding the beauty and sweetness that it gives off. A name that is ideal to highlight the delicacy as we have seen in the actresses Aroa Moreno and Aroa Gimeno.

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