GuiaInfantil exceeds 4 million users

GuiaInfantil exceeds 4 million users

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Today we woke up with a great fact:we have exceeded 4 million readers per month! These figures come from OJD, which is the company that audits the media audience, so they are official data. The figures for the month of April lead us to sing a huge THANK YOU to all of you, assiduous followers of our page, who support us every day by visiting our pages and reading our articles.

All the affection and dedication that we put into making our articles, reports, videos, recipes, crafts, stories or waterworks have borne fruit since we have reached a record number of visits to GuiaInfantil.

All this is thanks to the efforts of those of us who work on this great page, but above all, to all our collaborators all over the world that, with their information on health, nutrition, pregnancy or education, they try to bring light and help families on the path of raising our children. That is why we open our arms to receive all those who are specialists in a children's theme and who like to write. Thanks to you the great family of GuiaInfantil will continue to grow and give more answers to parents' questions.

We are already 4 million readers who every month we follow GuiaInfantil, a digital magazine that was born 14 years ago created by Vilma Medina, its director, with the vocation of giving all kinds of information of interest to fathers and mothers. We are very happy about this, since the "small team" that GuiaInfantil does every day has been able to compete with traditional magazines supported by multinationals and large publishing groups.

Makes us very happy be leaders within the family and lifestyle portals, doubling the audience to our immediate followers, such as such important websites as Mibebeyyo or Ser Padres, edited by large multinationals. In fact, our 4 million readers exceed the sum of the visitors to these two reputable websites: 3 and a half million visitors. Again, thank you very much!

GuiaInfantil's audience is so large that it exceeds the visits of magazines with broader themes and of very famous international brands such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

It is a strong motivation for us to know that GuiaInfantil surpasses the large information groups, well-established magazines, which in April we have exceeded in audience.

Since GuiaInfantil We want to thank you all for your loyalty, follow-up, support and passion for our page. It encourages us to continue offering all the information you need to raise your children. A huge kiss!

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