A father in labor - what a disaster!

A father in labor - what a disaster!

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Now I understand that there are dads who, even being able to participate in the delivery of their child, prefer to abstain from such an event. Recently, I have been told a really funny situation: an acquaintance told me about the adventure he experienced in the birth of his wife. This dad used to say: my presence turned into a series of nonsense, I think I am booked into maternity as a "non grato" subject.

Sometimes the will and love of many parents go far ahead of their natural disposition. This dad knew about his aversion to blood and, if there is something in a childbirth, it is all series of fluids and, above all, blood. In the delivery room, everything was going well until the active labor began, the poor dad began to sweat from the tension and, shortly, the nurses had to turn their attention to him, since, in a prison of horror, he became terrible: he vomited and fainted , leaving all the medical personnel present at the delivery, perplexed, what a situation!

Well, in these cases I think it is very understandable that the woman does not want the presence of the father of her child, although it is certainly an anecdote to remember for a lifetime. No wonder my gynecologist told me that if men had to give birth, humanity would have ended long ago! Outside of jokes, fathers do not demonstrate the good exercise of their paternity in the delivery room, they will have many other opportunities to exercise it.

The experience of childbirth for each person is unique; Labor has always seemed like a very special moment to me, despite the contractions, the blood, and the worry that everything is going well. I would not have changed to be a spectator instead of a protagonist. But equally, we must understand what other parents may feel. We must bear in mind that we cannot pressure the father to attend the birth, if he is not absolutely convinced that he wants to do it or can bear it, since we can find ourselves in a somewhat uncomfortable situation that increases even more anxiety in this intense experience of give birth to a son.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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