Children's wishes for 2012

Children's wishes for 2012

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We families start a new year full of hope. There are many illusions that we put on the table when a new 12-month cycle begins, which we hope will be better than the previous one. But, we already know that luck does not come alone, it must be accompanied by effort, work and perseverance so that things well done give their deserved fruits.

"Mom, that's how it is with grades," my son used to say the other day. This is the message that must be promoted in children from the earliest childhood because good results are not only seen in school grades, they are also noticed in friendship through the affection that your loved ones show you, it is perceived in family relationships with the good disposition and help that we give each other continuously, in relationships with colleagues ... and so on in many areas of life.

And it is that good things do not come without more, you have to feed them, you have to enrich them day by day, giving the best of yourself. During this week, in the minds and hearts of many children the magic of Christmas is still alive, and many strive to be more "good" these days than usual. The beginning of classes and the return to school marks the ideal setting and the perfect time to start putting those good resolutions into motion for the new year.

Starting the year well is very important. For children, small details such as being punctual, not answering, doing homework and studying without being asked by my parents, respecting the rules at home and at school or being tolerant with my siblings are great feats to achieve in order to be a better person. . Encouraging children to start the year with motivation is the mission of parents, if what we want is to educate our children in reality, that is, that each behavior has a real consequence that serves the children to direct and select the appropriate behaviors.

This attitude of parents and children allows the family to acquire a moral awareness of behavior that feeds illusions and hopes, something that should never be lost because it marks the threshold of happiness with which we wake up every morning. Let's fight so that our illusions, desires and hopes for the coming year remain alive throughout the year and do not decline. Let us feed the good purposes of our children, they are an essential part of education.

Marisol New.

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