Studying with Harry Potter: a dream for children

Studying with Harry Potter: a dream for children

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My children have always suggested to me that they would love to study at Hogwarts, be companions of Harry Potter and learn magic and sorcery to live exciting adventures like those of Harry and his friends, but with their own. And the truth is that I had never considered the possibility, or the budget that I should allocate to such desires because it takes a bit of effort for my adult mind to mix reality with fiction.

However, some students at Lehigh University, in Pennsylvania (USA), have surprised me by publishing a study on their blog about what it would cost to attend the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The total cost of a year at Hogwarts amounts to about 31,000 euros ($ 42,752) and has been achieved by obtaining an average price between what it costs to attend one of the five best and most prestigious boarding schools in the United Kingdom and adding other expenses. In addition to the tuition, the price includes the stay, the books, and the purchase of all the materials that are detailed on page 51 of the first book, Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stoneincluding cauldrons, potion ingredients, magic wands, the uniform, a winter cloak, dragon gloves, and work robes.

These guys have broken a record of visits to their blog and responses on Twitter. Thousands of fans around the world write and visit them asking if they have included the price of pets (toads, owls or cats) for their experiments, if they have made an assessment of what a complete Quidditch kit costs, if they have included the price price of flying brooms or if at Hogwarts you have to pay for butter beers.

Attending a course at Hogwarts is a dream for millions of children and teenagers around the world, not just my children. I hope that Ms. Rowling has thought of a successful scholarship program for large families like Ron's, for example, since her parents had several children studying at Hogwarts and if we multiply the 31,000 euros by two or three, the figure It is unfeasible, especially now in times of economic crisis.

A crisis that, on the other hand, does not exist for the most profitable saga in the entire history of cinema, which broke the collection record in its first exhibition weekend. And is that the premiere of the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is being a blockbuster around the world. At home, it is a ritual to do everything possible to get the tickets and go see the new movie, the day of the premiere at 12.00 at night. Thus, we enjoy the emotion and the setting of a saga that never disappoints us.

Marisol New.

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